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I'm Shaniece, An Expert in Cleaning Structure

SJH Supreme Clean LLC was established in Philadelphia, PA to help Residential and Commercial clients who have little to no time to tidy up their personal and/or work spaces. As a mother of three small children, I recall being exhausted from attempting a variety of cleaning routines that worked to no avail. Though exhausting, I truly believe a clean home puts everyone in a positive mental space. From my personal experience, every time I cleaned my family became uplifted and joyful. With this in mind—and after my last exhaustive day of cleaning— I vowed to find a more efficient and effective cleaning option to ensure I didn’t become exhausted and that the space was clean in order to have a positive impact on my family.


It was at this point SJH Supreme Clean LLC was birthed. I created this business in an effort to use key concepts to ensure not only I, but other people like me can have a clean, positive space in a time-efficient manner. If you use our services, I guarantee you are in good hands.


SJH Supreme Clean LLC offers a wide range of residential and commercial cleaning services for all building types. We offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning routines. We are a reliable and respectful company, that takes pride in our customer service skills. We offer affordable prices and free quotes for all your cleaning needs.



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My daughter attends UPENN and needed a cleaning business that was approved by the school. We received a email that listed SJH as the top ranked by students and staff. My daughter apartment was locked and  we needed extra services to turn over the apartment correctly.

Shaniece was super helpful and gave me her personal number just to ensure proper satisfaction. 

Laura Bradley

Joy Payton

I have utilized SJH for the past year weekly and it has changed my life

SJH Supreme Clean has been  cleaning my government building for the last few months. What difference knowing its guaranteed service.



Fashion Store Manager